About us

About usWe are an Indian- Austrian Couple, mainly living with our 2 children in Vienna, Austria. In Vienna we are running our Kerala Ayurveda Shop since 2008. In 2005 we opened our Kerala Bamboo House – Ayurvedic Beach Resort in Varkala, Kerala,India  It is one of the first ecofriendly Resorts in India. So, the indian and european culturemix and Ayurveda are in our lifes for already many years ... We love and live both cultures and Ayurveda is with and in us every day.

With the Villa Bacopa we fullfilled one of our long years dreams!!. We created a place quiet and peaceful, built according to the guidlines of the Ayurvedic teachings of Vastu shastra. The architecture is both,  Indian and European influenced , the Ayurveda is pure and 100% traditional.

In our house you have the possibility to calm down, clear your mind, reduce everything to the minimum and feel the pure essence of life.

This basic idea of ​​the place is reflected in the name we have choosen for it -  Bacopa.  It means Bhrami . Bacopa monnieri  is a plant commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine.  It has an age-old reputation for being an effective and powerful herb, helpful for memory and combating stress. Bacopa monnieri acts as an adaptogen, which means, it helps the body adapt to new or stressful situations. Villa Bacopa is a place to clear your mind and to enjoy away from your daily issues. It is a place of inner peace and freedom. Feel welcome to step in and enjoy the peace of your mind.